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In Case You Were Wondering, What Do I Mean By an Old Fashioned Romance?

Old fashioned romances are most often referred to as Traditional romances and are also sometimes called Sweet romances or even Clean and Wholesome (although I'm not fond of that tag, Amazon uses it--they don't use sweet or traditional--so I have occasionally been forced to the wall on that one). In addition to the differing terms, there can be some disagreement on the level of sensuality and/or things such as curse words. Some people are purists (absolutely no swearing and no sensuality).

In my case, I'm not particularly strict about these things. In fact, I can't imagine writing a book without a bit of heat between the hero and heroine, so in my old fashioned romances, there is a certain level of sensuality, although (as these were originally published as Silhouette Romances), there are no love scenes before marriage, although...there may be a love scene or two after marriage. Some people feel there should be absolutely no swearing. My characters (okay, my heroes) might occasionally use a rather mild curse word, although that's pretty rare. That pretty much wraps up what makes these books different from my other books (the ones with love scenes).

I wrote quite a few books in this style for Silhouette and have the rights back to a number of them, so I'll be listing them here as I republish them. (Clicking through on the link or image will take you to a page with a description and links to all the major booksellers. Eventually, I'll add excerpts there as well, but in the meantime, most of the booksellers have either a Look Inside the Book feature where you can read the first couple of chapters or they offer a free downloadable sample of an ebook, or both). At the moment, I haven't gotten around to making all of these available in print editions, but I plan to do that eventually.

The Wedding Auction 2 series - available in ebook form (used print copies are still available)

Wedding Auction 2 Book 1: Bought by the Billionaire (originally published as simply Bought by the Billionaire)

Wedding Auction 2 Book 2: The Billionaire's Bargain (originally published as simply The Billionaire's Bargain)

Wedding Auction 2 Book 3: The Billionaire Borrows a Bride (originally published as simply The Billionaire Borrows a Bride)

The Wedding Auction Series - available in ebook form (used print copies are still available)

Wedding Auction Book 1: Simon Says...Marry Me! (originally published as simply Simon Says...Marry Me!)

Wedding Auction Book 1: Simon Says...Marry Me! by Myrna Mackenzie

Wedding Auction Book 2: At the Billionaire's Bidding (originally published as simply At the Billionaire's Bidding)

Wedding Auction Book 2: At the Billionaire's Bidding by Myrna Mackenzie

Wedding Auction Book 2: Contractually His (originally published as simply Contractually His)

Wedding Auction Book 3: Contractually His by Myrna Mackenzie

On Sale Now in ebook and Print Versions: The Secrets Duo

Secrets Book 1:The Rebel's Return (originally published as The Scandalous Return of Jake Walker)

Secrets Book 1: The Rebel's Return by Myrna Mackenzie

Secrets Book 2: Prince Charming's Return (originally published as simply Prince Charming's Return)

Secrets Book 2: Prince Charming's Return by Myrna Mackenzie

----------Available Now in ebook form...----------

Babies and a Blue-eyed Man

Babies and a Blue-eyed Man by Myrna Mackenzie

The Baby Wish

The Baby Wish by Myrna Mackenzie

The Wish List (originally published as The Daddy List) - available in ebook and print versions

(This is a Traditional Romance - but there is a love scene)

Book: The Wish List by Myrna Mackenzie

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