Saturday, September 12, 2020

Almost Obsolete: Do You Still Use These Things?

I was looking through a list of gifts for book lovers the other day, and I realized that some of the things listed were ones that didn't apply to me too much anymore. I tend to read a lot of ebooks, and even though I still read print books, I would rarely go to the trouble of purchasing a bookmark. If I don't have an old one lying around (and I have many of them left over from the days when authors used them to advertise their books), I just use whatever handy piece of scrap paper is at hand.

Along those lines, I don't use bookends (my shelves are stuffed, so no need for bookends), or book lights, or reading lights (although I still love this steampunk one I mentioned a few months ago and would make an exception for it. That one seems to have been sold, but if you're interested just Google robot lamp). 

Likewise, I don't need a special watch geared toward readers, because like so many others, I rely on my phone to tell me what time it is.

On the other hand, I do still use things that I've noticed a lot of people are passing by. For example, I still have a printed wall calendar in almost every room. In part, that's because scribbling on it helps me to remember what I need to remember better than relying on technology...most of the time. Also, I just like the images on calendars. They're like pieces of artwork I'm forced to switch out every year. And if we're staying on the topic of books, here are a couple I especially like.

Versions of The Reading Woman calendars have been around for years, but I still like them.

I've never seen the This is My Bookstore calendar. Looks interesting.

Available at Amazon

Likewise, I still have clocks all over the house even though I have a phone and we have computers that show the time. I still like the convenience of clocks. We have several that have silent movements so that there isn't even any annoying ticking. The one below isn't the silent kind, but I like the sentiment.

And...landline phones? Do you still have one? I do. It came in handy a few weeks ago when a derecho swept through the area, the winds knocked down limbs and trees, and a significant portion of the area lost power. Yes, I have a cell phone, but it eventually ran out of juice and I didn't want to have to wrestle the dead garage door open and drive around in the car just to charge the phone (of course, I didn't have a power bank charged up and I don't have a solar charger handy). So for emergency purposes I still use the landline.

Of course, as I mentioned above, I still have print books. I don't think those will ever go out of style. I may love the portability of ebooks,but some books just call for a full print version. Also, research books are much handier in print, in my opinion when I need to flip back and forth or look at charts.  Some things--like books--are eternal (I hope).

Happy reading!


Laney4 said...

Bookmarks-I still have some from authors when I'd win books. I used a scrap of paper for my last book and am using a receipt for current book.
Bookends-I own a set of metal ones that belonged to my parents (and probably their parents, etc.) and an expandable cherry one also belonging to my parents. I use them for a year or two, then don't need them for a decade, then bring them out again. I SHOULD sell them, but I don't.
Book lights-I've bought them (and won them) through the years. Seem dinky to me and slow me down substantially, so I no longer use them.
Watches-I am one of the rare souls who still wears one. Every time I'm at badminton, people ask me the time, as they don't "wear" their cell phones on the courts. If there IS a wall clock in a gym, many can't see that far and ask me the time, LOL. Since my husband and I share a cell phone, most mornings and afternoons I don't have a cell phone, so a watch is a good thing.
Calendars-I finally removed the wall calendars in my bathroom and master bedroom, but still have desk calendars in the master bedroom and guest room, and wall calendars in the kitchen and my office. I refer to them often. I have a dry-erase board on my fridge, and THAT is where the family reads upcoming appointments. I have a monthly planner in my office that I keep for reference decades later. Depend on it A LOT.
Clocks-They're in every room, including the bathroom (for timing my baths, as I DO get involved in books and forget the time, LOL). Beats reaching for a cell phone and then lighting it up to try to read the small print on it.
Landline-Still pay for this service. Love handsets in the crook of my shoulder so I am hands free to type while on the phone. Sometimes customers call with directions, and I don't want a cell phone on speakerphone so I'm hands free; this is confidential work! (And don't get me going about earbuds, which would be one more thing to need replacement often....)
My kids don't understand why I don't buy NEW, NEW, NEW. Why would I when OLD works longer and better than new? Our deep freeze is 40 years old; a girlfriend gave me an industrial upright freezer for free years ago, and it is sitting beside the deep freeze unplugged (the majority of the time), so that when the deep freeze goes, I hopefully won't lose anything in it. Mind you, the deep freeze is bigger than the upright and it's filled to the brim, so SOME of the things would have to go in the refrigerator freezer and to my daughter's, but I wouldn't lose everything).
Better stop. Running out of space here, LOL!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Having a watch for those times when a phone isn't convenient certainly makes sense. I used to wear one all the time. Maybe I should rethink that.

I don't use a planner, but even if I write a note about some scheduled event on my office calendar, I always transfer it to the communal calendar in the kitchen. Those communal calendars get saved every year in a convenient place so I can flip back to see when I scheduled something in a previous year.

The one thing I've kept and really should get rid of is a set of encyclopedias from 1959 that were passed down from my in-laws. They're on a shelf in the family room, and it's a real eye opener (and hilarious at times) to read the science entries, but the volumes do come in handy when we're watching something historical on television and want more info on a particular historical event or person. Still, probably not worth keeping an entire old set that takes up a lot of shelf space.

I wonder what things will be obsolete (or on the way to being obsolete) in ten years. Should be interesting.

Laney4 said...
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Laney4 said...

Well ... this is different. Sure hope it works!
Hi, Myrna!
Long time no talk to, LOL.
Just wanted to comment on the encyclopedias. Back in the 80s/90s when my kids were small, we had THIRTEEN sets of encyclopedias (obviously before the advent of Google, etc.). Every time something came in the mail from National Geographic or I found something historical in our newspapers, I would file those items inside the encyclopedias, as these would be perfect when cut out for school projects (whereas you should NOT cut things out of encyclopedias, duh). Worked well for years, but high school came along with computers, so I reduced to 1 set, still including the inserts inside. Alas, I finally recycled all the inserts and last set of books probably 10 plus years ago, sniff sniff. I miss that information, especially when historical, as the Internet is not always accurate, shock shock.
As for becoming obsolete, my handwritten notes are now replaced with a yearly file I create in Word. Now I can Search for something much faster than having to read every page in my handwritten notes. Saves me oodles of time. I sure as heck am not going to waste my time typing up all those decades of handwritten notes so easier to find later, but I DO wish I'd started typing them years ago. Thank goodness I type for a living so typing is second nature to me, taking less time to type than to write (once you're in the file, of course).
Have a wonderful day, Myrna!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Hah, you win on the encyclopedias! LOL Weirdly enough, the day after I wrote that, my husband pulled out one of the volumes to look some historical something up.

Re: handwritten notes, I did scan a bunch of mine. They're not as clear as they would be had I typed them, but I have a really fast scanner, so in the interest of time, I settled for an image.

Yes, this business of popup comments is a bit weird. Maybe the site will right itself and we can go back to embedded comments eventually, but for now I'll leave things as they are.