Friday, July 10, 2020

Masks for Readers

It's a new world, and we're all wearing masks (at least I hope we are. I wear the mask to protect you. You wear the mask to protect me. Together, we can make a difference in getting this thing under control). 

I made the masks I have now, and they're okay (yes, I know I look like I've been scrubbing toilets in this picture. I probably have). I made several different types. One has cute puppies on it, but I don't have a picture. I tried different patterns and instructions, and I like the last few I made. They have grips around the nose, they completely cover the pertinent area, there's a filter pocket, and I made ear loops out of jersey strips with beads so that they could be adjusted and also be comfortable (not my idea. A woman online had the instructions).
However, I've been seeing lots of ads for really cute masks, and since I'm a writer/reader, and a number of them seem to be targeted toward that market, I was curious and was driven to do a rather extensive search to get a better picture of what was available. So, even though I'm not fond of spending money when I know how to sew (and when you can make a mask out of almost any scrap of material), I'm tempted to bite the bullet and buy one (or two). We may be wearing masks for a long time, and it would be nice to have some that make a statement. Here are some of the ones I've looked at.
The one above is from Out of Print. There are other book/reading masks and other related products, too.

A heart made of books is from Redbubble. They have a number of literary-type masks as a search shows.

This Commit to Lit mask is available at Storiarts.

Born to Read, Forced to Socialize from Teepublic is a mask for those times when you just want to be alone with your book.
Another option is Threadless, an interesting company where artists submit their art and create and sell products with Threadless handling all the shipping and so on (a bit like Zazzle, which is another option for masks with a book/reader theme). 

Litographs has a limited number of book designs, such as this one for Banned Books.

And, of course, Etsy has tons of masks, some of which are book themed.

I had a lot of fun searching for all of these masks. Even if I never buy one, I'm thrilled that so many clever people are out there creating them.

Have a wonderful day! Stay safe and enjoy whatever book you may be reading today.


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