Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Complete List of All of My Books

Updated July 20, 2021

This is a bit odd, I'll admit, but recently a relative asked me about how to find my books. A long explanation followed, since most paperback versions of my books are out of print other than ones that have had recent reprints (I confess that I don't keep a list of those. Some of them get reprinted in English in other countries, and they're usually part of multi-author anthologies. Some, of course, are published in other languages). At any rate, I realized that most of the books are available used in mass market paperback form (on Amazon, eBay, Thrift Books, Abe Books...), but I wanted to supply a list for anyone looking for those books. 

Note: All of these are out there somewhere in paperback versions. Ebook versions are available for all of my books other than the ones where I have the rights back but haven't yet republished them. And yes, they're coming. Eventually, all of the books will be available. Also of note, the best way to get the most up to date information on which books are available (with links to bookstores) is to go directly to my website (the Books link at the top of the page will also take you there).

As for used paperbacks, shipping charges tend to be the biggest cost when buying used books, so make sure you click on the filter that asks to list the books Low Price to High.  You shouldn't be paying exorbitant prices for used paperbacks. Some online sources for used paperbacks are Amazon, ebay, Alibris, Abe Books, and Thrift Books. (Note: I have no monetary interest in where you buy your used books as I don't receive any royalties on those. Just go for either your favorite book dealer, the one with the lowest price, or the most reliable dealer. And...enjoy)!

What follows is the complete list of all the books I have ever published:

Myrna Mackenzie – books (here's a link)
* - Books that have been either reissued as ebooks under my own publishing entity or are still being sold as ebooks by Harlequin

Silhouette Romance  (or originally Silhouette Romance)
The Baby Wish*

The Daddy List (retitled and republished as The Wish List)*

Babies and a Blue-eyed Man*

The Secret Groom (not available in ebook form at this moment)

The Scandalous Return of Jake Walker (retitled and republished as Secrets: The Rebel’s Return)*

Prince Charming’s Return (retitled and republished as Secrets: Prince Charming’s Return)*

Simon Says…Marry Me! (retitled and republished as Wedding Auction: Simon Says…Marry Me!)*

At the Billionaire’s Bidding (retitled and republished as Wedding Auction: At the Billionaire’s Bidding)*

Contractually His (retitled and republished as Wedding Auction: Contractually His)*

The Billionaire is Back (retitled and republished as Sloane's Cove Twins: The Billionaire is Back)*

Blind-Date Bride (retitled and republished as Sloane's Cove Twins: Blind-Date Bride)*

A Very Special Delivery (part of Maitland Maternity multi-author series)*

Bought by the Billionaire (retitled and republished as Wedding Auction 2: Bought by the Billionaire)*

The Billionaire’s Bargain (retitled and republished as Wedding Auction 2: The Billionaire's Bargain)*

The Billionaire Borrows a Bride (retitled and republished as Wedding Auction 2: The Billionaire Borrows a Bride)*

The Pied Piper's Bride (not available in ebook form at this time)

Midas's Bride  (not available in ebook form at this time)

The Black Knight's Bride (not available in ebook form at this time)

Their Little Cowgirl (part of In a Fairy Tale World…multi-author series)*

Instant Marriage, Just Add Groom (not available in ebook form at this time)

Much Ado About Matchmaking*

Continuity Books
Just Pretending (part of Montana Mavericks multi-author series)*

Her Sweet Talkin’ Man (part of Lonestar Country Club multi-author series)*

Blind Attraction (part of Family Secrets multi-author series)*

Keeping Her Safe (part of The Fortunes of Texas Reunion multi-author series)*

Lights, Camera…Baby! (included in the anthology Baby and All) (not available in ebook form at this time)

The Soldier, the Puppy and Me (included in the anthology A Puppy for Christmas)*

Single Title
Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast (retitled and republished as Rescue My Heart)*

Angel Eyes*

Harlequin Romance
The Maid and the Millionaire (retitled and republished as The Maid and the Millionaire M.D.)*

Marrying Her Billionaire Boss*

The Heir's Convenient Wife (part of The Wedding Planners multi-author series) (not available in ebook form at this time)

Her Millionaire, His Miracle*

The Cowboy and the Princess*

Hired: Cinderella Chef*

The Frenchman's Plain Jane Project*

Rodeo Bride*

Saving Cinderella (part of the Weekend in Vegas multi-author series)*

Cowgirl Makes Three*

Riches to Rags Bride*

To Wed a Rancher*

Inherited: Expectant Cinderella (not available in ebook form at this time)

The Rancher's Unexpected Family (part of the Larkville Legacy multi-author series)*

Online Reads
(It’s doubtful that these even still exist anymore. They were freebies meant to market other books)

Second Chance Cinderella (novella)

His Cowgirl Valentine (novella)

I think that covers everything. If you have any questions, please drop me a note in the comments section below.




Laney4 said...

Thanks so much, Myrna! I have dutifully updated my list.
And here I thought I had read most of your books! Uh, no. I've read most of your HARLEQUIN books, but I had no idea about the Silhouettes and others! Good to know!
Stay safe....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I'm glad this helped (to be honest, I felt a bit weird posting the whole list). Yes, I started out with Silhouette, then they let me take part in continuities and a couple of single title lines they were publishing, and finally once Silhouette Romance folded, they moved me across the pond to Harlequin Romance. I had a lot of fun writing for both lines over the years. Sometimes I miss it, but there are so many things to do that I'm pretty content just reading other writers' books these days. Hope you are all well and staying safe during these rather disturbing times. We're stocked up on food, books and crossword puzzles, but missing the family members we don't get to visit with right now. Thank goodness for telephones and the internet!