Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Magic of Food Photography

I find it fascinating that most of that food we see in ads isn't really edible, and yet...I still salivate whenever I see those ads. Everything just looks so good!

And yes, I know that these talented photographers need to know about and be skilled in the art of lighting, negative space, use of props, use of shadow, placement and so much more. But I also know that there is an entire bag of tricks they use to make that food look delicious even after hours of shooting under hot lights. Real unadorned food just wouldn't hold up or look as good, and the idea is to make the presentation as enticing as possible. So what are some of the gimmicks they use to enhance and stabilize the food? This video from Blossom lets viewers in on some insider tricks and tips.

I have to wonder, how many hours (days, years?) of trial and error went into discovering what worked best and how many food failures occurred on the road from just photographing food in its original state to these genius methods that fool our eyes (and make us drool)? So much fun to watch!


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