Wednesday, July 10, 2019

More Homemade Greeting Cards

When I first started writing, I wrote greeting card verse, predominantly for a company called Oatmeal Studios. It was fun thinking up clever and mildly amusing text for greeting cards, but it wasn't really much more than a hobby (I had other writing goals), so I moved on to fiction. That said, I still love the idea of making up my own cards rather than buying them. So here are some more ideas for greeting cards, courtesy of YouTube and all the fine craftspeople who post there. So get out your scissors, glue, pretty paper and any other supplies you might have, and let's see what kind of unique cards we can make.

Here's a very simple one that you can embellish any way you'd like.

Another pop up card

I like this shaker card, because you make your own shaker materials instead of buying glitter or confetti.

If you missed the earlier posts on greeting cards, here are the links:

Enjoy making your own cards (and, hopefully, saving money)!



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