Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Silly but Fun Gimmicks from the Internet

Years ago I used to post oddities from the internet (weird little websites or things you could get your computer to do). A lot of those have either dropped off or they haven't added securities (the https) to their sites, which might make people nervous. So I set out to see what I could find that was still available out there and I turned up more than I expected. Have a look:

Pointer Pointer
This image doesn't do this justice, because you can't see the pointer, but basically the idea is that you put your cursor in the box, and the site flashes an image where people are pointing to your cursor. Move the cursor and a new image appears where, yes, someone is pointing toward the cursor.

Cat Bounce
A lot of images of falling cats (not really falling, of course). Hit the reset button on the left to change the background color. Click on the Make It Rain rainbow sign in the upper right hand, and a whole lot more cats come down.

Happy Happy Hardcore
Nothing much, but a lot of falling happy, sad, grinning emojis.

Continuing on with the emoji theme, but in this case, you begin with a more or less blank screen. Move your cursor and a trail of emojis of all kinds follow. But wait, they're disappearing. I considered it a challenge to see how much of the screen I could fill up before I started losing emojis.
Your Image
A white screen appears along with these (all too quickly disappearing) instructions.

Mouse Move = painting (speed effects the weight of the stroke) 

Mouse Click = new image from the Internet 

Spacebar = opens a window where you see and save your image 

Begin moving your cursor, and it looks as if you're painting, but you're really uncovering an image (I think). As mentioned above, you can change the image, change the size of the stroke and save the image if you like.

Lastly, this one creates a colorful "sand" image that looks a bit like a galaxy. Just click on different colors, move the cursor and create an image. On the right, you can tweak the way the brush strokes operate (smooth, intense, worms?...). Just change the preset, grab a color and continue on. Change the preset again, and you'll get a completely different look. When you're finished, you can download the image if you like. 

There are more, but you get the picture. So, I guess the answer is yes, those fun little time wasters still do exist. Now if only we all had more time!

Have a wonderful day. Find some time to play...or read...or whatever you like to do to relax. In other words, I hope you're able to find some you time today.

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