Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My Never-ending Hunt for the Perfect Pair of Jeans

I don't want to reveal my exact age, but let's just say that the first article of clothing I ever bought with my own money was a pair of jeans I got at J C Penney, and I paid six dollars for them. I loved those jeans and I wore them to death.

Over the years, I went through all the phases (hip huggers, bell bottoms, boot cut, straight leg, at the waist, slightly below the waist, comfort waist, patched knees, ripped knees and more). Jeans and sweatshirts or tee shirts and gym shoes are and have been my go-to outfit for years.

But when I had my first child (a long time ago), I was already weary of trying on jeans in fitting rooms. Sizes varied from brand to brand and from style to style, and if I found a pair I liked, that style would rarely be available when I needed my next pair of jeans.

So I turned to mail-order jeans, originally Lands End, because I liked the fact that I could order an exact length and also because I could order the same style year after year after year. That went on until the day when Lands End decided to jump on the low-rise bandwagon and it became difficult to find anything that actually had a natural waist (they've since branched out and offer multiple choices for waist styles, but for a time that wasn't true).

I moved on to L. L. Bean. There was less choice in length, but more variety in waist styles, and again, I could--dependably--count on the same style year after year. At the time, I was mostly looking for comfort, and I found it.

I also have a pair of Jag Jeans. These are pull-ons, and I love the look, but they're just for jeans dress-up (for me at least) because they're longer, I have to wear higher heels, and the pockets are tiny.

These days I have several things I look for in jeans: something that--again--can be depended on to be available long-term, something that isn't too tight but fits my legs without looking too matronly, something with front pockets deep enough to hold a cell phone, since I often don't carry a purse, and something that has a bit of give. Right now I've settled on Lee Women's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans. They do fit slightly below the waist, but they're not uncomfortably low, they still look good if I gain or lose a few pounds, and I can--with a bit of angling--fit my phone in the pocket. Also, they come in a lot of colors, so I can change things up a bit if I like.
What's your go-to outfit? And how long did it take you to find your current outfit of choice?

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