Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Got Time to Waste? Try Watching Marble Racing.

There are days when you just need to do something mindless and veg out in order to get away from all the daily stresses. Usually I just read or watch a movie, but today someone sent me a link to a YouTube channel called Jelle's Marble Runs, which was...weirdly compelling. It's an entire YouTube channel devoted to something called MarbleLympics (basically marble races in which the marbles are treated the way horses are in horse races, complete with funny names and exciting (well, sort of exciting) commentary.
marble racing
There are races on sand, in water, long jump competitions, high jump competitions, relay races, curling, hurdles, sprints, mazes and more. Very strange and yet...I confess that I watched more than one...or two...or three.

(I know. I know. It's embarrassing, but...don't judge me. I needed to do something relaxing). 😀

Have fun!


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