Monday, February 18, 2019

Sometimes Winter and Snow Can Be Fascinating and Beautiful

Okay, it's mid-February. We've had our share of ice, snow and cold in Chicago, and many (most) of us are counting the days until we see the first crocus poking out of the ground. But today I ran across a few things about winter that made me smile.

This man recreated the Mona Lisa on an ice rink. How awesome is that?

And here's a man who has the job of removing snow from the roofs of the buildings at Yellowstone. It can get pretty deep there, so they use modified saws (long ones, as seen in the video below) to cut the snow into blocks. Then, they pick up the blocks (second video) in a move that almost looks like performance art when the film is sped up.

Winter just got a lot more interesting! Enjoy!


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