Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What Have You Been Reading?

I don't know about you, but I've been reading a lot! I still read romance novels, and these days I've been concentrating on (mostly) historical romance (Teresa Medeiros, Pamela Morsi, Maggie Osborne, Amanda Quick, Mary Balogh and others).

But I've also read a couple of biographies. I'm not a celebrity biography reader most of the time. I'm not sure why. But I do love reading the stories of others who have compelling stories. One book that hit me hard was The Orchard by Theresa Weir. Weir is a fiction author (she used to write romance, but she's moved on to other fiction in recent years). This book, however, is her own haunting story of her life and love in the heartland of America (on an apple orchard). It stuck with me a long time after it was over.

The Orchard book by Theresa Weir

Another book I read (just last week) is Tisha: The Wonderful True Love Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness. It's the story of 19-year-old Anne Purdy as told to author Robert Specht. The story takes place in 1927, although it wasn't published until 1976 (I think that was the year). Here is the description from the Amazon page, and again, this was a book that I couldn't put down and that I'm sure I'll reread one day.

Anne Hobbs was only nineteen in 1927 when she came to harsh and beautiful Alaska. Running a ramshackle schoolhouse would expose her to more than just the elements. After she allowed Native American children into her class and fell in love with a half-Inuit man, she would learn the meanings of prejudice and perseverance, irrational hatred and unconditional love. “People get as mean as the weather,” she discovered, but they were also capable of great good.
As told to Robert Specht, Anne Hobbs’s true story has captivated generations of readers. Now this beautiful new edition is available to inspire many more.

What's on your reading list these days?

Best Wishes and Happy Reading!



Laney4 said...

20-year-old and older romances are on MY list. I have caught up on all recent books by favourite authors, and these are next. Taking a half dozen or so on our upcoming 6-week plus vacation, and I'll leave them all in my sister's hometown recycling centre, as I will be taking dozens of THEIR books as replacements (for free). I too enjoy biographies and hope there are some there. Last year I picked up several hardcover Danielle Steele, John Grisham and Stephen King books that I brought home for best friends to read; they were thrilled! *I* enjoyed some Princess Diana hardcovers and magazines, as well as my usual contemporary romances.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I love your method of exchanging books and sharing with friends! I've been reading the backlist of some old favorite authors, too (although admittedly, some of these are rereads). Sounds like you have a great vacation ahead of you. Enjoy!