Wednesday, September 26, 2018

More Life Hacks

I love all those life hack videos, but some of them are so long that I don't have time to watch many of them. And there are also those that offer tips that are either unsafe, unworkable or too complicated. Here are a couple of my favorite clips from a video by 5-Minute Crafts, followed by some hacks we've been using at home for years (with no YouTube video needed). Note: since the clips are snippets, there's no stop button. If you want the video to stop playing, hit the back button on your screen and then go forward to continue reading without the annoyance of the endless video loop.

Some sticky note tricks

How to keep the end of the roll of tape handy

Add a key to a ring without breaking a nail

Here are a few of the things we've been using over the years (maybe not hacks, but useful ideas. You may already be using some of these, too).

1. Fix a stripped screw hole with toothpicks. When you've stripped a screw and want to use the hole again, but the hole is now too large, slide a flat toothpick or part of a toothpick in (more than one if you need them) to fill the extra space. Then continue on with the screw as usual. Along the same lines, a popsicle stick makes a fine shim if you need something much smaller than the usual shim.

2. When we moved in years ago, I noted right away that there were two curtain rods in the tub/shower area. I suppose some people use one for a liner and one for the curtain (the original owners had some fancy shower curtain with swags and hooks to hold the swags back, so they needed a liner), but if you use a bath mat in the tub, the inner rod is a great place to hang it to let it dry. Placed inside and slightly lower than the main curtain, nothing drips on the rim of the tub and the mat hangs free, so it doesn't stick to the wall.

3.If you have window blinds (we don't anymore, but that's a recent change), put an old sock on your hand like a hand puppet to easily slide along each slat to easily clean both top and bottom.

4. If you have a small tile floor to clean and you don't want to drag around a mop and bucket or pay for Swiffer refills, slap an old wet washcloth on your Swiffer, wipe the area, then toss the cloth in the laundry. There will be extra cloth, but not much, and it works just fine.

What are your own life hacks? Everyone has at least one or two (I think).

Best Wishes and Happy Reading!



Laney4 said...

I clean my kitchen floors by swiping a wet cloth all over it using my feet (and especially my toes for the harder-to-clean areas). Saves me bending over or down so often.
Every time I empty a bottle of something, I try to think of other uses for it before it goes in the recycling. Shampoo/liquid laundry detergent gets used as bubble bath; ketchup/BBQ sauce/chili sauce gets used in my mac/cheese recipe; ends of our deodorant (Original Irish Spring) get heated in our microwave for 10-20 seconds and then poured into the next container that has been used enough to have space available for said liquid that solidifies for reuse; Bounce/No Name sheets are cut in half to use only half in a load, and then the used halves are used in future loads all at once; SOS/Magic Eraser pads are cut in half so there isn't as much wastage from the middle....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I love cutting dryer sheets in half. I never thought of that. I do add water to shampoo, dish detergent and laundry detergent bottles when they're near the end, in order to get every last bit. The solutions are diluted, but I just use a bit more than usual.