Saturday, July 8, 2017

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

I've mentioned it here before (several times, I'm sure), but I'm not much for fancy gift wrapping when it comes to my own gift giving. That's because I'm a)lazy about some things, b)usually forget/put off gift wrapping until the last minute and therefore am short on time and/or supplies and c)a fancy wrapped gift is more difficult to transport than something less crushable.

That said, I used to love decorating gifts and I am still in awe of those who can and do create works of art when it come to gift wrapping. I'm a little bit fascinated by gift wrap artists in the same way I'm fascinated by street artists, television painters (Bob Ross, anyone?) and cooks (The Great British Baking Show is a current favorite). So, here are my latest finds on the internet (not all of these are new, just new to me).

A cute way to wrap a t-shirt or other article of clothing:

A mini-bag (this looks like something you could easily dress up):

I love this next idea. It's simple (so simple even I could pull it off), but also rather elegant.

Happy wrapping!



Laney4 said...

The first one I'll probably forget.
The second one there is no way I'll remember.
The third one, though, is a winner. Very easy to do AND remember.
As always, thanks for all the great tips. I use these when giftwrapping for my girlfriend's Christmas and birthday gifts. I may even giftwrap my immediate family's gifts like this too; time will tell on that one, though, LOL.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

LOL I am amazed at how complicated gift wrapping can be (you should have seen some of the videos I decided not to post). I like watching the experts work their magic even if I can't duplicate their results, but like you, I do love it when I find one that looks good and which I can replicate myself. I'm glad you found something you could use. Happy gift wrapping!