Friday, May 5, 2017

Just Some Recent Photos

It's been awhile since I've run a personal post. This year has been...strange. Besides our bizarre political situation in the U.S., my husband retired, so my schedule has changed a bit. We've both discovered that we like doing crossword puzzles together. We've been doing some hiking locally, visited some museums, gone to some movies, done a fair amount of gardening. I'm a little more politically involved than I once was, and of course, I've read a lot of great books. We haven't done much that would be considered exciting (no sky diving and not even a lot of travel), but altogether it's been nice and rather relaxing.

And while I'm not much of a photographer, he takes a lot of photos, goes:

Oh yes, we've done some marching, too. This one was the Science March.

A Towhee (I had to look it up).

And a wood duck

 An interesting new building in the city (yes, it really is cantilevered that way).

At the Morton Arboretum

And...just some Wisconsin and Illinois flowers:

I hope your life is relaxing and fun and all the things you want it to be!

Best Wishes,


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