Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Are You a Fan of Board Games?

When I was growing up, board games were a thing. There were no video games, and we would have family game nights. I'm drawing a bit of a blank on what games we played other than Boggle and Pit, but I know there were a number of others (I do remember that nobody wanted to play Monopoly, because it took too long).
Ticket to Ride board game

Fast forward a bunch of years, and board games have become an item again. I know several millennials who have regular game nights. Some of those games are really complicated with lots of strategy involved, and some of them are rather expensive, but there is something for everyone at all price ranges. The biggest problem may be that there are so many games with new ones being developed all the time that it's difficult to choose.

If you'd like to get back into gaming or try your hand at it, and you want to have a better idea of what a game is like before you buy it, there are a number of game review sites, from the written ones, such as Board Game Geek, to video reviews.

Dice Tower is one of the best known and most active channels. This channel offers a number of reviews, but there are many others by other groups and individuals. These are ones where people give a simple review with the pros and cons and possibly a rating.

Then there are videos where you can actually watch people playing the game to see if it appeals to you. I used to tune in to Will Wheaton's Table Top (remember Will Wheaton from Star Trek?), but I haven't checked that channel out lately. Another choice is Watch It Played. Here's an example.

I'll confess that I prefer reading to gaming, but if you enjoy game nights, take a look. There are lots of new choices out there.

Happy gaming!


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