Friday, January 13, 2017

Unique Sweaters

I know how to knit (a little), but I've never knit a sweater (probably because I can only knit a little). I definitely need something where there isn't a lot of shaping involved. Still, I'm fascinated by people who knit sweaters, because the possibility of making something truly unique is always there.

Look at this one. Have you ever seen one of those in a department store?

Scissors + 5 Sweaters + Sewing = Fabulous!

There are interesting sweaters on Etsy (this one is vintage). 

farm animal sweater

But recently a man, Sam Barsky, has become something of an internet sensation. He has knit 103 sweaters, many of them depicting locations he's visited. And according to the interview I saw, he doesn't even make a pattern. He just knits these amazing creations. Take a look:


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