Monday, January 2, 2017

It's Never Too Late for Cranberries

I made this Cranberry Christmas Cake (yes, for Christmas), but I love cranberries, and this cake is really fast and easy to make (also delicious--even better a day or two after you bake it), and I can see making this any time, Christmas or not. So, if you can still find cranberries in your area, stock up on some and freeze them (or, if like me, you can't find fresh ones anymore--such a small window of time around the holidays!--see if a store in your area sells them already frozen. I was lucky enough to find a grocery store that carried them today, so I'm all ready for my next cranberry adventure).

Note: because I've made a lot of cranberry bread over the years (the classic recipe you find on the Ocean Spray package) and love how the flavor of the orange peel/orange juice works with the tart cranberries, so I added a teaspoon of orange peel to this recipe. I probably could have added a bit more, but since I haven't tried that yet, let's just say that one teaspoon of orange peel (zest?) adds a nice touch. (I've also seen variations of the recipe using almond flavor instead of the vanilla, with nuts in the recipe. And I've seen a variation that has an orange flavored icing, rather like those one would find on a coffee cake. That might be something to try one day, but it's really good without any icing).

At any rate, here's the link to the recipe on the Barefeet in the Kitchen website. Yes, not counting the orange peel I added (see above note), there are just 6 ingredients!

Also, most packages of fresh cranberries are 12 ounces as the recipe calls for, but my frozen package is larger, so for the record, according to the Ocean Spray site, there are 3 cups of cranberries in one 12-ounce bag, but adding a few extra cranberries won't hurt (you're using whole cranberries, so the amount of cranberries in a cup will vary a bit anyway, depending on the size of the berries. I used a few extra, and it was just fine). And lest you think something was left out of the recipe...nope. There's no leavening in this recipe (the whipped eggs and sugar do the trick) and the dough will be very thick, kind of like brownie dough. Here's a YouTube of someone making this cake. 

So easy and good and pretty, too. Enjoy!


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