Monday, January 9, 2017

Alternate Uses for Muffin Tins

Around here we're always saying, "We need a tool that will do x. What do we already have that will serve the purpose or that we can alter to make it usable?" But there are plenty of objects we already own that can serve dual purposes. Take muffin tins for example:

Muffin Tin Monday - farm day

Although the muffin tin above is being used for food, there are no muffins in sight. (Note: Although the website this image linked to doesn't seem to be carrying on the Muffin Tin Monday posts--and the old ones appear to be gone--there are others online. In this image search for Muffin Tin Monday, I came up with all these images. Try the links or try to recreate these homemade bento boxes on your own). 

Still, there are other uses for muffin tins. Check out this video:
Or...use an old muffin tin to hold small amounts of different paints. 

Use one as a sorting tray when doing household or craft projects (screws, sequins or beads)

Have a casual dinner party and serve "Small Taste" meals with each person having their own muffin tin as a sampler plate.

Other suggestions? (I think I need one of those blue "tins" that aren't really tin. Too pretty).


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