Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Hacks

Christmas is almost upon us, and things often get stressful during the last few days. Sometimes we just need a little help. Here are some Christmas life hacks that may (hopefully) help make things just a bit easier.

A Safe,Happy and Prosperous New Year to All

As always, I didn't think I could use some of those, but I did like the one about finding the end of the tape (that seems to be a theme with me this year).

The one below repeats some of what is in the last one, but I included it because I liked the sleigh package. That looked clever, inexpensive and easy.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Yes, I too liked the sleigh idea - especially since I have lots of candy canes and ribbon here. My canes are much longer, which I guess works best with regular-sized chocolate bars, etc. Works for me!
    Think I'll do that this year for stocking stuffers (sitting on top). Thanks!

    1. That sounds like a great stocking stuffer! Let us know how the sleighs turn out.

  2. I like the sleigh package too. That looks simple & clever.

    1. Yes, and I hadn't seen it before, so that's always fun. I love it when someone comes up with a new idea like this. And it really looks a bit like a sleigh, doesn't it?