Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Animals Are the Internet's Smile-factory

On days when there's a lot of bad, disappointing or upsetting news on the internet, a person can also always count on the fact that there will be lots of cute, funny, adorable animal photos and videos to help counteract all that icky stuff. It's been a long (very long) time since I posted any fun animal videos, so here are a couple. They're not new, so apologies in advance if you've already seen them.

I'd seen this first one a while ago, but it still makes me smile:

I missed the one below, although it isn't new, either, so I thought I'd share it in case anyone else needed a cheery video. The seal apparently jumped on this man's boat and decided to stay for a visit:

And if you'd rather see photos, here are some cute puppies:

Cute puppies

Claire puppy

sleeping puppy

Pug Puppy Moe-Moe 2

Have a great day with lots of smiles!



Mary Preston said...

Just so adorable!!!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I do love photos of puppies! They're so sweet.