Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Interesting Business Names

When I'm writing a book and need to come up with a name for a business, I try to be very careful not to choose a name that already exists. I do a Google search and often a trademark search. But in my everyday life, I love noting clever names of businesses just for the fun of it. Hair salons in particular have always intrigued me. There are so many of them that it must be difficult to come up with something that describes the business and entices, too, without treading on another salon's toes.

Here are some examples:
Transformers Hair - 1333A Stratford Road, Hall Green
Just driving around my own territory, there are salons called:

Illusion of Beauty (I love that name. It's as if they're not promising to make you beautiful but only to make sure that other people think you're beautiful. Works for me).

Abracadabra Shear Magic Salon - I picture a stylist waving a wand over my head and creating something I could never create myself.

Magic Mirror Hair Salon - As long as I think I look good in the mirror, truth is not necessary.

As You Like It Hair Design and Gallery - You can't ask for more than that.

Blood Sweat & Shears (for those of a certain generation...or what it might take to make my hair behave)

Clippety Do Da - I feel happy (and as if I want to sing) just typing this name.

Shears to You (Is it awful that I want to continue with..."Mrs. Robinson?" Or maybe that's the point. Also, it's a nice play on words).

The next three are all within an hour's drive of each other. That's kind of awesome.

Hair to Please

Hair to Stay

Hair We Are

Lastly, I leave you with this one. It's not from my area, but originally I thought it was the name of a town. There's a town by that name in Illinois. It turns out I was wrong and yet...isn't this really what we want a lot of the time? I just want a normal experience, nothing fancy, nothing I can't recreate myself once I get home. Just...normal.

Normal Beauty Shop, Memphis TN

Have a great day!


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