Monday, September 26, 2016

Pumpkin Time

There are lots of farms, farmer's markets, grocery stores and other places to buy pumpkins when autumn rolls around. We like to visit Pearce's Farm Stand in Walworth, Wisconsin, and every year they step it up a little. They have the main area, a huge open shed where they sell produce, honey, jams, mustards, flowers, kettle corn and other items, but they also have big wooden truckloads of all sorts of pumpkins and gourds at this time of year. There's a big hay bale playground for the kids (it's free), and there's a corn maze, haunted hay rides and a type of haunted house (there are charges for those three). But we go for the pumpkins and gourds (these photos are from a prior year, but the setup is the same every year).

So many pumpkins! And all ready to be decorated (or eaten?) during the coming months.

By the way, I do realize the irony of going to Wisconsin for my pumpkins. I live in Illinois, and we grow more pumpkins than any other state. That includes the canning-type pumpkins for pies, which aren't really pumpkins, but another type of squash that is better suited for the canning process, less stringy and more flavorful.

But Pearce's is great. It feels like...autumn, one of my favorite seasons.

Have a great day!


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