Monday, September 26, 2016

More Resources for Writers: Name Generators and More

In past posts I've mentioned some of my favorite reference books I use when writing a book (here and here). One of those is a visual dictionary. You can buy a print copy of Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary, and this is the kind of book I do like to have in print, because I get ideas just flipping through it.

Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary

But sometimes I want something quickly, and the online version of the visual dictionary is great for that.

Sometimes when I'm describing a house, I want to get a feel for how things are laid out, especially if it's a house belonging to a major character. Often, I just design my own, but sometimes I need inspiration. When that happens, one place I go is a website that sells home plans. You can view drawings of the exterior of the house and preview a layout of the building as well. It's a good place to go for ideas.

I've mentioned my favorite naming sites before (probably numerous times), and like most writers I have a nice supply of naming books, but sometimes I need a nudge. That's where random name generators come in. I may not use the results, but they're great inspiration. (I may have mentioned some of these previously, but I'm not sure where that post is, so here goes).

Note: I have not tried all of the name generators, so if any of them aren't working correctly, let me know and I'll check things out/delete troublesome ones.

These are some of the most fun resources I use. 

Enjoy creating your next book!


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