Thursday, September 29, 2016

More Lifehacks

It's always fun to find an easier (or faster, less expensive) method of doing things. So, I thought we'd look at some more household hacks. The ones in this first video all center around the bathroom. Some of them look promising.

Here are some interesting and useful things to do with toilet paper rolls (okay, one of them was just silly and the last one was rather crude, but a number of them showed promise). 

Here's one of those ideas put to use. The toilet paper roll seed pot idea has been circulating for awhile, but...what a great idea! I've also seen people cutting and folding layers of newspaper to create a seed pot. I would think that both probably result in seed pots that will readily break down once planted in the soil.

Group of three seedlings in repurposed toilet paper rolls

On the creative front, another person took a toilet paper roll, put it on a paint roller (their friend used a lint roller) and affixed foam cutouts to create a roller stamp.

roller 001 - Washer Border Line

And another person created crayon holders
Toilet Paper Rolls = Crayon Holders
Source - David Werner - flickr

I hope you got some helpful (useful, creative?) ideas from this post.

Have a great day!


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