Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rescue My Heart is On Sale

Update: September 6, 2016. The sale has ended. Thanks to all for stopping by, and if you have the time, please consider going to your favorite bookseller's website and leaving an honest review. Thanks so much.

I'm having a sale on the ebook version of Rescue My Heart. This modern day beauty and the beast story is temporarily priced at $1.99 (USD). Note: This post will be pinned to the top until the sale is over. New posts will continue to appear beneath this one).

Molly Delavan was on the run from a past which threatened her child and her future.
Seth McCabe had chosen a life lived in the shadows. Neither of them could afford to trust strangers…until circumstances threw them together on a cold Chicago night. Now they both must struggle to keep their secrets…and guard their hearts.

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