Thursday, August 4, 2016

It's Flower Time...

My garden is just doing so-so this year. I had been nursing along some miniature cosmos (dwarf cosmos? little cosmos? can't remember their true name) and the rabbits--we have a lot of them this year due to the mild winter and a local uncovered compost pile--ate a bunch of them. I have sprinkled them with deterrents, but (sigh) I lost a lot of flowers and won't be able to harvest nearly as many seeds as I had expected to this year. Still, the asters are getting ready to bloom and the store-bought dianthus are doing well.

But I wanted flower photos and don't have much to offer of my own, so here are some lovely ones from Flickr. Click on the source beneath the images to see more from the photographers.



EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival 027



So, if the flowers aren't blooming brightly in your part of the world right now (or if yours, like mine, aren't as hearty as you'd like), here's a bit of color to brighten your day.

Have a great day!



Laney4 said...

We've been told to consume one-third of our usual water. No watering of lawns, no baths, less showers, re-wear clothes if possible, etc. I don't like our hay-coloured grass, but that's life.
I get really annoyed when I see dark green grass on some lawns - and some are running their sprinklers during prime time when it does the least bit of good. That's sooooo not right....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Oh, no! When I was in Vancouver last summer they were having the same problems (lots of brown grass). It's so crazy how some places are getting more water than they need or want and some are parched. I hope you get rain soon.