Sunday, August 21, 2016

Is It Christmas Yet?

No, of course not. Not even close, but the other day a Facebook friend posted a video of Christmas ornaments made from peppermint candy. You know, this kind.

Apparently this is a thing (I didn't know), because there are a number of videos online telling you how to make things by melting peppermint candy together and then letting the creation harden.

Here are the ornaments:

The video below is a bit long, but most of it doesn't have much to do with the actual project, so...feel free to fast forward. In the end, she creates a rather cute bowl made out of peppermints, so it's worth watching (if you're interested in making a peppermint bowl, that is).

How about a plate? This very short video shows you how.

For written instructions and some more interesting designs (and another candy platter video), check out this site:

Okay, I think I've had about all the peppermint ideas I can take for one day (I skipped the shot glasses), but I'm sure I'll come back to this idea when it gets a bit closer to the holidays. It seems to be a quick and inexpensive way to create ornaments...or bowls...or plates for the season.




Laney4 said...

I would be concerned about pets or small children eating them. (They ARE cute, though!)

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Good point. For those who have pets or small children, best to put these at the top of the tree...or not at all.