Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Fun Way to Search for Images

I can't tell you how many times over the years I've gone on a photo search. Usually one searches by subjects (such as libraries), adding qualifiers (public libraries) and other important search terms (most definitely Creative Commons or public domain, if one hasn't purchased the image and is going to share the photo with the rest of the world). In either case, whether you've purchased the right to use the photo or the image is marked creative commons or is in the public domain, make sure to provide attribution and a link back. I've paid for images, I've also used those where the photographer has been generous in allowing others to share their work, and I've taken my own photos. Often it's a fun and fulfilling way to spend an hour. But there have been times--especially when I need a very specific type of image--when the search can be quite time consuming, and the results aren't always as satisfying as I would like.

But here's a different kind of photo search. On this website, there's a blank canvas. The searcher adds colors, and the website responds by providing photos that most closely match those colors. I'm not sure I would ever have a use for this (especially since the images can be rather expensive--it's a paid service), but it was fun just to try it out.

The photo here is not from the search. It's one of my own, (I'm not going to post a photo that isn't creative commons, isn't in the public domain and doesn't belong to me). It's an example, however, of what the search might turn up if one were to click on green, pink and pale yellow (each search results in many choices, not just one image).

Try it. It's fun!

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