Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Life Hacks - It's Vinegar, Lemon and Baking Soda Day!

You probably already know a lot of these, but there might (hopefully) be one or two new ones that will be helpful vinegar tricks. (Note: there's a long mattress ad at the end of this, so the actual useful part of the video ends at about 4:11).

Here's a very short video on uses for lemons (I love the scent of lemon).

And last up in today's cleaning life hack collection is baking soda (Note: I'm not so sure it's wise to put boiling water down your drain on a regular basis if you have PVC pipes, so I would be cautious about that particular life hack).

Now, I'm off to clean some stuff (no, actually I'm not, but when I do, I might be using vinegar, lemon or baking soda rather than harsher chemicals).

Have a great day!



Laney4 said...

Some tips made me say, "What?", like the baking soda added to your washer load. She said to add 1 cup! I don't care HOW much cleaner the clothes will be; 1 cup per load (even if it's just the hot white load) really adds up!
And the faucet spraying unevenly? I never gave that a thought before, so I best go try that one now!
Thanks for thinking of us, and I hope you have a great weekend, Myrna!
Happy Anniversary on Sunday!!!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Yes, some of these life hacks you have to take with a grain of salt (or baking soda). I sometimes add baking soda to the wash, but usually only when there's something smelly in the lot and then I never measure, just sprinkle some in. I've taken the shower head off and left it in vinegar overnight, and that does help when some of the holes are clogged. I liked the vinegar for weeds idea so I'm going to have to try that. Let me know how your faucet experiment works. And thank you for the anniversary wishes! Have a fantastic day!

Laney4 said...

Well, Myrna, I FINALLY got around to trying baking soda/vinegar on my bathroom tap. Mind you, I didn't have any cotton balls (I think my son used the last of them on his computer!), so I piled stuff in the sink that could get wet, then flipped my soap dish upside down to contain the mixture and let the tap nest inside that for half an hour, followed by brushing with an old tooth brush while the liquid was still in the dish. So what happened? My tap now squirts out in a firm stream, rather than missing some spots. A success!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that one of these worked (one never knows). Thank you for letting me know.