Saturday, July 30, 2016

An Inventive Parking Solution

This man didn't have a space to park his car or a garage, but he did have something else...and he made do with what he had in a pretty amazing way. This video from several years ago illustrates just how he solved his parking problem.

I couldn't do that. Backing up onto a ramp wouldn't work for me, and I'm pretty sure there would come a day when I would overshoot and knock down the back wall, but this man obviously has what it takes to make his system work. Pretty neat!


  1. Thankfully, there are tire stops so that the car won't overshoot its mark. It works fine for THIS car, but it wouldn't work for many others. This is a tiny car with adjustable side mirrors. I sure would be planning my day trips so that I didn't go out more often than necessary, especially when bringing groceries home (which I'd probably take in through the front door instead)....

  2. Yes, I used to have a little Honda Civic back in the day when they were tiny cars, and that would have fit, but I've never had a car that tiny since (I sold it when I had my first child). I'd probably end up taking the bus rather than try to park like this. :-) Good point about the groceries. There's no way to get anything out of the back once it's parked.