Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Books at Christmas

Like most of you (I suppose), I read all the time. Reading is my joy, my favorite leisure time activity, but there's something even more special about books at Christmas. I'm so busy (isn't everyone?) that when I take the time to steal a few minutes to read, it's an even more joyous experience. One of those "Ah, this is relaxing" experiences.

I finished reading a memoir a few weeks ago, and while it was a wonderful book, it was also so sad that I needed something lighter. So, I'm rereading the Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus series. They're totally fun escapism, and if you like mythology, you'll probably enjoy them.

The image below is of the first book in the series (if you haven't read the preceding 5-book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you might want to start there, but it isn't actually necessary).

Anyway, I'm giving lots of books as gifts (as usual), so with books so much on my mind, I had to take a few minutes to enjoy this little stop action video of a bookstore after dark (I may have shared it here before, but it's worth a repeat).

I hope you're finding some time to read during this busy month. Enjoy!


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