Saturday, May 9, 2015

That's One Way to Sell a House...

This is from late 2014, but it's trending now. A house in Holland sat on the month for too long, so the owners were given a little boost with the building of this homemade roller coaster that took viewers through the house. A narrator pointed out the features and there was music playing.

I read different reports on this (some said that the owner built the coaster. Others said that this was an advertisement by a company offering its clients unique ways to show off their homes to potential buyers). So, I'm not sure if those are real potential buyers traversing the house or not. And while this is certainly an attention grabber, I'm not sure I would go for a roller coaster in my home. How would you clean things or move around?

Still, it was fun to watch (and definitely a new take on home sales). I couldn't discover whether the home sold.

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