Friday, May 15, 2015

Do You Still Use Pencils?

For awhile I only used pencils sporadically, know...computers, and I'm a pen-loving kind of gal (especially Pilot pens). But one day when I was cleaning out drawers, I found lots and lots (and lots) of pencils, left over from when my sons were in school and I was buying them by the box.

So, I started using pencils. I found a favorite eraser (because the rubber on the pencils had degraded). This one is by Staedtler, and it's really more of an artist's eraser, but it works perfectly.

plastic eraser by Staedtler

And I bought a good pencil sharpener. I like this one because it sits on the floor beside my desk, and all I have to do is reach down to stick a pencil in. Mere seconds later, I'm back to writing.

electric pencil sharpener

So, I'm becoming very fond of pencils. But I didn't realize just how competitive pencil companies could be. This Wall Street Journal video (via Nag on the Lake) discusses the history and competition involved in making pencils. (Note: I hope this opens internationally. I've never posted a Wall Street Journal video before, and I have my doubts as to whether this one will work outside the states. My apologies in advance if it doesn't). 

Who knew that the pencil business was so cutthroat? 

I have some mechanical pencils (also leftovers from my sons), but I'm on a quest to use up all of these number 2 pencils I have. They're going to keep me in business for a long time.

Have a great day!



Laney4 said...

WSJ opened/worked just fine in Canada.
I too have a bunch of my kids' pencils (pens and markers too) from their formative years. Like you, I have been using them up as much as possible. I like the mechanical ones, but I go through them quickly. I use them for "fine" work, but the others otherwise. Also like you, I prefer the white erasers. Some crumple up/shred too much, but others are better. When I found one I liked, I bought just that one. Then for my birthday this year, my girlfriend gave me an eraser about 2" x 6". How am I EVER going to use this one up, I ask you, LOL!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Lol I would be working on that eraser for years! But how awesome to receive office supplies. I love office supplies and have to restrain myself from buying the newest ones.