Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Do You Have a Favorite Chair (or Other Favorite Item in Your House)?

I am not a decorator-type. I have zero sense of style other than knowing what I like when I see it. So, while I certainly appreciate the way others decorate their homes or manage to pull off fashion coups and wish that I had their talent, all of that is beyond me. I do, however, have a heightened sense of comfort, and the best I hope for when people visit is that they'll at least be comfortable.

One item that is most likely due to disappear soon is The Chair. It has been with us for more years than I care to admit, but I will say that its style is distinctly late 1970's, an era that no one is trying to resurrect, furniture-wise, at least not that I know of.

The Chair has been used and abused. An old-fashioned recliner (meaning that when it leans back, it really leans back and isn't meant to hug the wall), it has to be out in the open. The cushions are no longer brand-new firm, it has dents and nicks and is generally considered to be unattractive.

However (big however), it's the place I love to sit when I read. It's comfortable despite the age of the cushions. I don't worry that I'll spill coffee on it, although it has--amazingly--suffered few spills over the many years of its service. Most importantly, it's the chair everyone gravitates to when they're not feeling well. It has just the right amount of comfort and just the right amount of tilt to make a person feel safe and cosseted when otherwise uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, I think that its days are numbered. Sitting right inside the main door, it's becoming a bit of an embarrassment, and at any rate, I don't know how much longer it can hold together. All I know is that when it goes, it will be a bit like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Do you have any items like that in your house?

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Laney4 said...

I sit in a green-covered recliner but rarely recline in it. Am looking forward to a new living room suite ... some year ... without the recliner. Too hard. Neck pushed forward at the back. We've had new stuffing installed twice, I think, but the arms are getting too worn out now. COULD put the arm covers on top, but they are dark "new" green and these are lighter "old" green, LOL.
I'm thinking of a comforter going on top of the whole thing. How about you? Blanket? Tablecloth? What can go over them?

Mary Preston said...

I mostly just sit on the long lounger. It is very comfortable. We usually have a sheet thrown over it so that my daughter can put her feet up as she likes. I throw the sheet in the machine as needed. We just whip off the sheet when visitors turn up.

If the frame is sound on your chair you could have it recovered. My mother did that for my father old lounge chair. Gave it a new lease of life.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Elaine, I would go with something of a contrasting color and material. When we first got this recliner, I hemmed rectangles of dark brown corduroy and attached them (via a couple of stitches, easily clipped) where peoples' heads hit and also added another that looped over the foot rest to keep them from wearing out. Eventually, the larger one of those became a superhero cape for my sons. :-) Maybe the furniture fairies will be kind and hurry along that new living room suite for you. Otherwise, we make do (I have an office chair--not that old, either--where the faux leather is wearing thin. I'm going to have to engage in some serious cover up to hide the near holes soon).

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, your sheet sounds like our blankets on our old family room sofas. We have two, and people tend to fall asleep on them, so pillows and blankets are usually in the room. I have a closet right next to one of them that serves as the hiding place when company comes.

I've thought about reupholstering the chair, but I"m not sure if the reclining mechanism is good enough to merit that. It seems as if the arms that lift the footrest are getting a bit wobbly. I might check into it, though. The wobbly part might be something that can be fixed.

Laney4 said...

We've had the wobbly part fixed twice on my chair (and never on the couch's or loveseat's reclining handles). I must admit that we all sit in that chair. Ever since our cable company made everyone use digital receivers a few years ago, the remote won't work from the other seats in the room. (We use a universal remote whenever possible otherwise....)
I just want the reclining furniture (all of it) gone from my living room. I would be just fine putting it in my rec room, as I rarely sit down there, but I don't like my husband's rocker/recliner downstairs. Wow. Now you've made think: what about switching the blue couch/chair and our black leather couch (I won a year ago at a local furniture store via ballot draw) in our rec room with the reclining green furniture in the living room? Oh yeah. All our curtains/valances are green in the living room. Still, this is making me think. It's cheaper to change the curtains than the furniture, and I can place sheets/blankets over them in the rec room for everyday use. Hmmm. Thanks, ladies!!!

Myrna Mackenzie said...

So glad to be of help! (And I didn't even really do anything. LOL). But on to that black leather couch. You won a couch? That's awesome!