Tuesday, April 28, 2015

About Those Boxes Your Adult Children Still Haven't Removed from Your House...

I can't tell you how many times I've had a conversation with a parent whose adult children still have a few items they haven't come back for...yet (I remember listening to a neighbor years ago relate how she had gone around picking up LEGO bits from various nooks and crannies and boxing them up in the hope that her twenty something son would spirit them away to his new home). I've got quite a few items here myself that will, I'm sure, be claimed one day when my sons finally settle into roomier domiciles.

Some people are content to wait (I'm fine with it). Other people really need the extra room turning over all those boxes and furnishings will provide. Either way, I found this Hertz ad amusing (and hopefully not prophetic).

Have a great tomorrow! (The roofers were at my house all day and will be back to finish tomorrow. They're doing a great job, but I think I can still hear the pounding in my head. I'm craving a bit of quiet. Wish me luck).



Laney4 said...

Keep telling yourself, "This too will pass. This too will pass." It's like getting a filling, only this takes longer.
We started painting on Apr 4. Living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and down the steps were all variations of two colours. Threw in the bedroom wall after the wallpaper came down. Decided on painting the two walls in the rec room. That led to painting the laundry room too. Since the furniture is emptied in the rec room, we replaced the indoor/outdoor carpeting with carpet tiles. Laundry room fed into it, so it got done too. Right now we have my office left to do. Tomorrow is its day. We were waiting until I had the income taxes done, and I'm emailing them tomorrow morning. Once half of my office gets tiled, then we lift my very heavy desk over to the new tiles and lay the tile underneath where the desk goes back. After that, everything can be returned to appropriate places. Right now our crawl space doesn't allow room for crawling, as my son's computer parts and model parts are all piled in there. The end is in sight.
Keep telling yourself this too. "The end is in sight." And it will be.
And you'll love your new roof and I'll love my new flooring.
We might grieve the loss of income in our savings account, but we'll tell ourselves it was well worth every dollar spent. It had to be done.

Mary Preston said...

I know that my mother kept a lot of my things until I kind of settled into a permanent living space.

I remember when I got a new roof. Very noisy, but totally worth it.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Elaine, you are braver than I am. That sounds like a lot of work and disruption. On the other hand, I'll bet everything looks great and fresh when you're done. (I think the end is in sight. Just one more day of this banging and then we'll be good for years to come).

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, we have a couple of spaces set up just to hold our sons' belongings. Sometimes I even use my eldest son's desk (which is in the same room where my own desk is located). Plus, with just the two of us, we have extra space anyway.