Friday, March 27, 2015

For Those Mourning the Announcement About Downton Abbey

I have been awfully scarce lately. Life and publishing have gotten in the way. Seriously, I had to teach myself a whole new set of skills to get my couple of revised books up on Smashwords and now--soon--on CreateSpace. I thought I knew Microsoft Word after so many years in publishing, but I've learned new skills, found other new programs I didn't realize I needed to know, learned more about fonts than anyone should ever know, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have forgotten all of that when I move on to the next set of books. (Hopefully, my copious notes will help).

At any rate, I just heard that the end of Downton Abbey is in sight. I confess that I haven't been a Downton viewer, only because I like my stories to have a beginning and an end and hate it when I miss an important, revealing episode. I was always too concerned that I would get caught up in the series and then miss a bunch due to unforeseen circumstances (or maybe I'm not much of a television watcher. Movies are more my style. Two hours and everything is wrapped up nice and tight). Someday, though, when the series is over, I'll probably locate the videos and do a great Downton binge watch, kind of the way I read all the Harry Potter books once the movies had concluded.

But for those of you who are already in mourning, here's a lovely video of English country houses. I'm not sure that will really ease the sting, but they are gorgeous, aren't they?

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to key in some edits on the next book.


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