Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy, You Will Be Missed

I was in my pre-teens when the magic of Star Trek began, and I fell in love with the show from the start. Over the years, I've seen every episode (except Deep Space Nine--I somehow missed that) and every movie. There are so many things right about the franchise, so many things that make Star Trek special, but what made the stories work above all other things is the same thing that makes every good story work: the characters, their struggles and their relationships to one another..

Leonard Nimoy's Spock taught us to think about the pros and cons of unrestrained emotion versus pure logic, and he taught us to value intelligence and knowledge. Leonard Nimoy, the man, was a poet and a musician as well as an actor. One of my favorite quotes from him is: "The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have."

Of course, people are already putting together tribute videos to him, and there are lots to choose from, but this 2011tribute to Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner felt right (possibly because the song Moon River has always felt so bittersweet to me, but also because William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Kirk and Spock will always be linked in my mind, Kirk was always at his best when he had Spock by his side):

And one more (from 2013), with clips of Spock and Kirk together:

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy. Thank you for all the smiles and all the years.

Leonard Nimoy


Mary Preston said...

He was rather special!!

Laney4 said...

Thanks for sharing those videos. It was hard seeing Spock die again, even knowing that he'd come to life again (but Leonard Nimoy won't). Still, I'm glad we've been able to enjoy them both all these years. Must be hard for William Shatner right now....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

It's always difficult to lose someone who had become such a part of our lives even if we didn't personally know them, isn't it? I always tear up when they do the In Memoriam segments at award shows. In this case, we've spent so much time watching Leonard Nimoy at our house that he does almost seem like a person we actually knew.