Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All You Need is a Microwave and a Mug: More "For One" Fun

A long time ago, I did a post (I have no idea where it is/was) on making a microwave cake in a cup. In other words, a quick cake for one person. I have a collection of those recipes for when I'm in the mood to allow myself a treat, but I don't want to overdo. (Yes, despite the winter, I'm sticking to my diet...minus the walking. Too much snow here). Even so, I always seem to misplace the recipes when I need them, so today I went looking for a quick apple pie recipe. Here's what I came up with. (I split the recipe in half and just kind of eyeballed everything. I used half a graham cracker for the crust, and I didn't have a fresh lemon, so I used a tiny spritz of bottled lemon juice. It all worked out just fine, and in the end, it wasn't even very high calorie, so a success all the way around).

And if you're looking for some more, here's a list of 26 one mug and a microwave recipes from Brit + Co.  They're not all sweet (chicken pot pie, roasted tomato soup with grilled cheddar), but they all look delicious. I'm not sure I dare try the peanut butter swirl brownie. Peanut butter and chocolate is a weakness of mine. 

Oh, what the heck? Let's add one more. These are beautiful mug cakes. Make sure to click through to YouTube. The links (and printed directions) are beneath the video on the YouTube site.

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Laney4 said...

I'm enjoying some banana bread I just made. The recipe calls for 2-3 bananas, but I always use 5-6 instead (with the same portions of ingredients otherwise). This time I only had 3 bananas, so I halved the recipe (but still used 1 full egg) and poured the batter into something other than a loaf pan. I don't know what to call it. It's like a muffin tin, but there are eight rectangular "muffin" areas instead. I poured batter into six of the eight sections, and I just love them. As often is the case, necessity is the mother of invention, and now I'll be making these more often, perhaps even with the 6 bananas but filling all eight sections higher and playing with the time. (I decreased the time from 50-60 minutes to 35 minutes for the six "muffins".)
Know what? I think I'll go have one of those rectangles now. I cut them in half so I feel like I'm having two. (It's so decadent, LOL!)

Myrna Mackenzie said...

I love the little loaf pan (for lack of a better term). It sounds awesome! And cutting a mini-loaf in half to con yourself into feeling as if you're having two? Hey, whatever works. LOL I'm totally with you on that.We do what we must.

Now I'm off to look for one of those pans. Amazon has everything. They must carry those. I like to make cranberry bread in winter. This seems as if it would be a nice change to baking a regular loaf.