Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gifts and Wrappings For Christmas and Beyond

Christmas is coming, so of course, I'm wasting time watching videos on how to make things and wrap things. The ones below are not short, but I found them interesting.

How to Make an Amazing Package Shaped Like a Purse
(This is long, and it looks complicated,but it's mostly cutting and folding and a bit of gluing).

If you can sew just a bit (nothing fancy), you can make an easy tote bag or reversible hat out of fleece.

For the hat, I clicked through to the YouTube page to make sure that I could actually download the pdf pattern. I only tried the adult size, but it worked. and I was able to print it out.(There are numerous fleece hat how-to videos on YouTube, and while the numerous "buy fleece at" notices on this one might not appeal to everyone, I liked the reversible effect of the hat, the fact that the instructions were clear, and she provided an easy pattern).

How are your holiday preparations going? 

Have a wonderful day!


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