Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Title Dilemma

About a week ago, I was informed that the rights to two of my books would be reverting to me. What that means is that I'm free to distribute them myself as ebooks or I can create new print versions or both. Either way, the books (both long out of print) will be available again in internet bookstores once I edit them, clean them up and republish them.

Here's my dilemma. I'm not overly fond of the titles of either of the books. I know that I'll do an edit and cleanup of both and I may (or may not) update them so that they're more current (bringing the technology up to date at the very least). I'll purchase new covers for both books, but...I can't decide whether I should retitle them or not.

One of them is currently called Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast and the other is Angel Eyes. Although they're both single title romances, the titles don't actually scream romance, in my opinion. But changing the titles means explaining in the books' online descriptions that these books have changed titles. I don't want to anger any readers who have already read the book and think they're getting something completely new. (Note: I did this with The Wish List, which was formerly titled The Daddy List and so far no one has complained, but I'm not sure I should make a habit of it).

It's a dilemma, but a happy one. I'm thrilled to be able to reissue the books and make them available again. Any thoughts on those old titles?

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