Monday, July 7, 2014

Recycling T-Shirts Using a Bleach Pen

This idea has been circulating for quite awhile, but I hadn't seen it, so I'm assuming (perhaps wrongly) that I'm not the only one. Here's a shirt that has been transformed using a bleach pen.

citrus tshirt

And here's a link to some basic instructions (note that this blogger/crafter did hers freehand, but I've seen some made using store bought or homemade stencils). And obviously, a T-shirt isn't the only item this could be used on, but I do see the appeal. One blogger discussed how many thrift store T-shirts she had. Sounds like a way to get a new shirt for very little money (I always love a bargain)!

Have you seen these? Or even better, made one?

Have a great day!



Laney4 said...

Nope. Haven't seen these.
I like my deal(s) better, Myrna: friends give me their old T-shirts they've upgraded or outgrown, and three of us wear them for playing badminton, while my husband wears them under his snap shirt in the wintertime for working out in a dirty plant. The price is right, and we don't require "new-looking" shirts (although many are) for these things. (Any shirts we don't want go into our annual yard sale, often selling for $1/bag, with leftovers then going to goodwill.)
We also attend my brother-in-law's annual work open house 45 minutes away, where not only do they give us their company work shirts, but other contractors give out free shirts too. It's always worth our while to (a) visit family, (b) have a free BBQ lunch, and (c) get freebies like these polo shirts, as well as pens, candies, and sturdy tote bags.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Laney4, those are good deals! I once worked with a woman whose husband owned a T-shirt shop. She told me that they never had to scrounge around looking for rags when they were washing the cars!

Mary Preston said...

I love thrift shops. I have a GREAT one within walking distance. Why pay a fortune for something I can get for next to nothing? A lot of the time I can buy brand new. For example: I needed some breakfast bowls. Found a half dozen, brand new, still stacked with the cardboard between. $3 for 6 bowls.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, that's a great deal on the bowls! We love visiting thrift shops. Lots of treasures to be found in them.