Saturday, July 19, 2014

Can I Get a Pumpkin, Please?

I've never been much of a gardener. Most likely because I'm a lazy gardener. I have no clue what the best fertilizer is for whatever type of plant I'm growing, I know little about soil types, and I hate weeding. I'm sure I could master learning all of those things (and doing more weeding) if I was so inclined, but there are only so many hours in a day, and we all have to make choices about how we spend those hours. It turns out that I'm just not that interested in studying fertilizing methods.

Still, I do love looking at other people's gardens, and I like trying out my own, as long as I can stick to the basics of making sure the plants have enough sun and water. So, it's been fun watching my roses bloom this year, eating my own home-grown tomatoes, and now, watching a pumpkin come to life. I'm not sure if the pumpkin will survive. We have lots of squirrels and rabbits, and now and then they like to sample things even if after one bite, they determine that a tomato is not to their liking. Hopefully, they'll leave my one tiny, lonely little pumpkin alone.

First (and possibly only) pumpkin of the season:

Do you have interests you might like to pursue if you weren't so busy pursuing other interests?

Have a great day!



Mary Preston said...

I'm in a fortunate position now of doing exactly as I please!! I have worked hard all my life & now I am being rewarded for it.

I can't think of anything new I would like to take on.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, that's wonderful! Enjoy!