Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Catching Up

What's going on in my world:

1.My hair is longer than it has been in years, and there's a stripe of silver down my part. After my tumble on the ice two months ago, my wounds have healed, but the area where I hit my skull is still tender. I'm nervous about putting chemicals on my head, so no hair dye (and since I'm not going in for color, I also haven't had a trim). I'm going to look very strange when I attend a wedding in a couple of weeks (although, oddly enough, I'm fine with the length. I love short hair on other people, but I've never liked it on myself, and while my hair wasn't exactly short before, it was, I now realize, just a bit shorter than was right for me. I may be getting older, but I feel best when my hair hits my shoulders).

2. Still working on clearing out the older posts. This may take awhile.

3. This was on Facebook, but for those of you who don't see me there, this year our annual group of bicyclists (the Illini 4000, the college students who ride from New York to San Francisco raising money for cancer research, interviewing cancer survivors and raising awareness of the disease) is taking a different path, so we won't have them as guests. The Illini 4000 has come to represent the first good batch of cherries in the market, because I always have lots of fruit and snacks waiting for them when they arrive. So this year I'm eating cherries alone (in their honor, wherever they are).

4. I've been teaching myself a new (new to me, anyway) software program called Scrivener, which a lot of writers use. It's been a slog, since while it's a great program, figuring out all the ins and outs is not exactly intuitive. But I'm on my way. I love the fact that I can include images and research websites in my project files, so that I don't have to go hunting for them elsewhere.

5. Reading: a Mary Balogh book, an epubbed book by Sean Platt called Writer Dad and several work-related books.

6. And I'm continuing to walk as much as I can. The weather has (mostly) cooperated.

What's new in your world?

Have a great day!



Mary Preston said...

I am getting a brand spanking new fence on three sides of my backyard - in about 2 weeks time. It will be timber & 6 feet high. PRIVACY!!!

My laundry cupboard/sink literally fell apart, so fingers crossed the plumber comes tomorrow. It's held together by duct tape right now, the cupboard, not the plumber.

I am knitting like crazy. Filling back orders for wool bedsocks. Practically knitting in my sleep it feels. I will switch up to baby knits for a while then.

That's about it. The weather is very mild, but I expect the winds will arrive soon.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, I have huge lilacs running down both sides of my property and a barrier (two garages, one on my side, one on a neighbor's) at the back, so we're pretty private, too. Good luck with your cupboard. I'm envious of all your knitting.