Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bespoke Libraries

I saw a link to this video on Facebook the other day:

Obviously, since this was on 48 Hours it's been circulating. But the video had me wondering who else other than the designer in this video was making bespoke libraries. The odd thing was that almost all of the companies I saw online that were advertising such libraries were in the UK. These bespoke libraries were perhaps a bit less personalized than the ones in the video above were (we're talking room design and furniture design rather than book cover design), but I'd still love to have someone design a library for me. (I also can't help wondering what happens when one book cover gets damaged, does one dust such a collection without harming the design)? I know, I know. That's so practical. Why can't I just enjoy the fact that someone thinks books are important enough to use them in design?

As for those other bespoke libraries I mentioned, there are some truly beautiful ones out there. This one (featured on the Houzz website) was designed by Heaven & Stubbs Bespoke Furniture Ltd., for the Dick Francis Library (for Felix Francis, author and son of author Dick Francis). How gorgeous is that?

Traditional Home Office by East Midlands Kitchen & Bath Designers Heaven & Stubbs Bespoke Furniture Ltd

If you have some time, I did a search of the Houzz site for libraries and it came back with 21,074 results. I know I'm going to be spending some time browsing that site!

Happy reading, and enjoy your day!


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