Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's April. Time for Pansies

For someone who isn't much of a gardener, I've certainly been blogging about gardening a lot lately (yes, I love flowers, but weeding? Not so much). At any rate, today I planted some pansies in our whisky barrel. Hopefully, it's not too soon and they'll survive. I don't know that much about pansies, but the folks over at What's the Dirt? have all kinds of fun facts about them, including their meaning and history, along with some gorgeous photos.

For some less brilliant photos, here are the ones I planted:

I think I need to plant a few more. They look a bit sparse (but I love the colors).


Mary Preston said...

I love the tubs & the colours are bright & cheery.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, thank you. We're on our third whiskey barrel (the wood deteriorates eventually) and this one, though a bit smaller than the standard ones and not an actual barrel that would ever have held whiskey (or whisky, depending on where it's made), was nicer. And it had those handles that I like.

As for the colors, I think the variety is part of the reason I love pansies. I plant impatiens in the back yard, and there are many lovely shades, but there are no yellow impatiens. :-( I'm very fond of yellow.