Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting Creative with Planters

I love it when people find creative new uses for things, and since I'm thinking spring and flowers and planting, I decided to scout out some planters. Originally, I was just going to look for new ones, but then I took a detour over to Flickr to see what unusual ideas people had come up with for using items not originally intended as planters (I suppose the beauty of a planter is that almost any container will do). Here are some of the awesome ideas I found:

Kids' dumptruck as succulent planter

typewriter planter
zen Sutherland

Bathtub Planter
katsrcool (Kool Cats Photography)

Kettle Planter
Natalie Maynor

Printer Planter
Ben Stanfield

pram planter
Shannon Holman

shoe planter

There were also planters made from old cars, farm equipment, lots of toilets, toys and one very nice one from LEGOs. So many possibilities!

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