Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Acrobatic Performance in an Abandoned Factory

I've actually never been to the circus. I'm not really a clown fan or a fan of the animal performances. But...I do enjoy watching the acrobats. So, this video below, by a group called Circulus was right up my alley.

According to the info below the video on YouTube (I do urge you to click through and read the entire background with its multiple links), Circulus is interested in performing in "found and forgotten spaces" in London and around the world. They want to bring their brand of entertainment to neglected areas that might be "bereft of the arts." To that point, the performance below takes place in an unused Victorian sail factory in the heart of London's East end.

I hope you enjoyed that. It'll be interesting to see where this group performs next. 

Have a great day! (Oh, and if you are a circus person or simply have been to the circus, check in below and share your thoughts, your favorite moments, least favorite moments or any other thoughts you might have on a form of entertainment that seems to be fading away). I hope this group is here to stay.


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