Thursday, March 6, 2014

What's For Breakfast?

I'm one of those people who eats breakfast because I know that I should, not necessarily because I want breakfast (although I love eating breakfast foods for dinner). I eat a lot of oatmeal or oat bran, and it gets boring, even though I do my best to dress it up (dried cherries or other fruit, cinnamon, a dash of milk, maybe some honey).

Some days I step away from the oatmeal and spread peanut butter on a banana, slice it up and eat it with a fork, or I spread peanut butter on apple slices. Sometimes I make a fast scrambled egg, but that's pretty rare. Mostly, I just eat the standard bowl of oat bran with fruit.

So these ways to jazz up breakfast with limited preparation worked for me.

Are you a breakfast person? How do you add zip to breakfast without turning prep work into an ordeal?


Mary Preston said...

I'm NOT a breakfast person. My stomach rebels if I put anything heavy in it first thing. I start my day with a milk coffee & have my cereal at morning tea time.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, I usually wait until I've been up for a couple of hours, and even then I sometimes forget. With me, though, it's just that I don't feel hungry when I first get up (maybe because I'm such an early riser).

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Debra, I never thought to add kale to a breakfast blend, but I like the idea (kale fan here. Somewhere I have my "Eat More Kale" t-shirt).