Friday, March 14, 2014

Up for a Trip to Europe, Anyone?

This awesome video shows flight patterns over Europe.

Europe 24 from NATS on Vimeo.

I'm not planning a trip any time soon, but I do find this luggage cover interesting (it's supposed to keep your bag cleaner, more secure and allow you to find it more easily). I'm wondering how practical it would be.

Oh, and I already posted a link to this on Twitter, so my apologies if you saw this, but I really liked it, so I'm adding the link here, too. If you click through, you'll see a panorama of Paris with Yves Montand singing "Sous le Ciel de Paris." 

Enjoy your travels even if it's only armchair traveling with a good book!



Mary Preston said...

My daughter & I were talking about suitcases the the day, no idea how that conversation came up. We were more specifically talking about the very cheap suitcase I bought for her school trip to China, way back when. The thing is that that bag has been hauled all over the place for years & years and looks like new still. You just never know.

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Mary, good choice on the bag for the trip to China! Don't you love it when something outperforms your expectations? We mostly have inexpensive bags except for one wheeled one. But I used to have a big, boxy one that I kept wishing would fall apart because it was so heavy, larger than was practical and I felt guilty getting rid of it because it hadn't been cheap. I finally sold it because I never used it.

Laney4 said...

My husband used to work for a big company that provided gifts for perfect attendance. After 23 years, his annual gift was luggage (and previous to that was a TV, VCR, gift cards, etc.). There were three monstrously big beautiful bags, but the two biggest were not allowed on flights (and would have been too heavy to lug around when full). We finally sold them in our yard sale, although we retained the smallest, which is still huge. We probably should get rid of it too, as we aren't getting any younger in order to lug around these things, although it IS on wheels.
I bought a set of two beige metal suitcases many moons ago at a yard sale (no zippers), and we just love them - not for travelling, mind you, but for when we do border and/or wallpapering! We put the water in one of those instead of filling up the tub. We enjoy its portability, as we just leave it on the bedroom floor, for example, and pour a pail of warm water into it. It's nice not to have the wallpaper glue dripping off between the bathroom and the bedroom....

Myrna Mackenzie said...

Laney4, I love your ingenuity with the metal suitcases! My husband and I seem to spend a lot of time finding second uses for items. With us, I've decided that it's a sickness (or maybe we're just thrifty), but sometimes the things you can buy to do a job just aren't as good as the things you can repurpose.

Laney4 said...

Exactly, Myrna.
Another example of repurposing? I had border around my living room, but one wall had wallpaper so the border was on top of the wallpaper. Years later, I decided to remove the wallpaper and paint instead, but still wanted my border up there. It was in terrible shape, so I got out some "extra" border and placed it over the newly painted wall. Well ... when I got to the corner, it needed to go around to join up with the existing border, but it wouldn't stick. The glue was obviously too old, but nothing would stick. I took out my most expensive two-way scrapbooking tape, and it is still holding that corner edge onto the existing border, many many years later.
When I was recently wallpapering my daughter's room into our guest room, the NEW wallpaper wouldn't stick along the one edge. I pulled up the edge and tried to put lots of "new wet glue" under there (from scraps), but it wouldn't stick. I took out the cheap scrapbooking two-sided "squares" but they didn't touch it. So out I got the expensive stuff (now several years newer than before), and it worked perfectly! Who knew? Thank goodness it worked, as I had visions of using clear tape, either under or over it, if necessary.
And Myrna? For me/us, it's that we're thrifty. Every single day we live by the adage of "why spend money on something if you don't need it". I do all my grocery shopping at the same time so that the car makes a circle, rather than going out several times a week. When I need something in a town nearby, I take my girlfriend so we can hit the library and a Subway store for lunch while there (we both have gift cards, it's a cheap but nutritious lunch, plus you get free cookies each time - which I often take home for my husband or son!).
I rarely buy new clothes (which will be something else when my daughter and I go searching for mother-of-the-bride dresses - although I think the mother-of-the-groom might want to wear pants, so I might opt for that too, as some actually look like dresses until you get closer to realize - and with my orthotics, my feet wouldn't be so obvious!).