Thursday, February 20, 2014

Puzzle Fun

I've been fooling around at Jigsaw Planet and made a couple of puzzles. One of them , shown here, is a night photo of Chicago (one my husband took several years ago). I apologize for how blurry it is. It looks perfectly clear on my computer, but I changed the size, and that probably messed with the resolution. If you click on the link beneath it and then on the link that appears in the box beneath the link (I know...having 2 links is a bit confusing) , that will take you to the puzzle. And yes, it's only 20 pieces. I could have made it much more complicated with a lot more pieces, different shapes, and/or different rotations, but this was just for fun and as an only 20. The pieces click when you have them in the right place, and the site times your progress and plays a tune when you complete the puzzle. You can also play puzzles that are already on the site or create your own, which you can share. There are also a number of other puzzle sites. Some of them are listed on Make Use Of.

20 pieceChicago at Night


  1. That was cool, Myrna, and what a lovely photo! Well done for trying yet something else new to you!

  2. Laney4, thank you! I am a puzzle novice (online puzzles, that is), but...aren't you pretty well versed in them? Do you have favorite sites?

  3. I have been known to frequent for jigsaw puzzles ... and/or for Maj Jong variations ... for Sudoku online ... for Pacman games when I'm feeling nostalgic ...
    and then there are Kakuro puzzles I print from
    When wanting a little computer break, though, I tend to just play Free Cell....

  4. Laney4, that's impressive! I used to play basic mahjong and solitaire, but I rarely allow myself to play either of them anymore (well, maybe as a treat now and then). But I do love games and puzzles!

  5. Laney4, thank you for the sites! I use to play mahjong and solitaire, although I haven't played either of those for awhile. I do love games and puzzles, though!